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WhatsApp rolls out the feature that lets users control who can add them in a group

As of January 2019 WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps worldwide with its 1.5 billion active monthly users. As the messaging apps start adding social media like features it become more important for the app users to protect their privacy.

WhatsApp users have long requested for a feature to control who can add them in a Group. Similar feature is already available in Telegram since they rolled out version 1.2 (build 10.12.17). Digital Trends reports that WhatsApp has added a privacy feature that allows users to control who can add that user to a WhatsApp group.

According to GSM Arena the ‘Privacy’ section of WhatsApp will have a new ‘Groups’ option with 3 radio buttons letting the WhatsApp user to choose from. 3 radio buttons would let user decide whether to allow everyone or the user’s contacts or nobody to add the user in the group.

It is expected that the new Android and iOS updates of WhatsApp messenger after 06 April 2019 will have these features.