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Recomendation To To Allow Embedding Content On Other Webpages.

Blog Post No– 002 in ‘Missing Features’ SeriesAt the time of writing this post sifting through the support content on did not show information to embed the user posts from Belacam to other websites and webpages.

When a main stream media (MSM) outlet embeds a social media post in the digital edition of an article or a news story then the chances of the post becoming viral increases. An embedded post going viral also increases chances of more internet traffic to; 1) social media website where the embedded post is published, 2) the user's social media page who posted the content, and 3) the social media post.

If Belacam considers more internet traffic generated towards their website as a positive success indicator (like other social media websites) then they should allow the easy embedding of their users' posts on other websites.