JioGigaFibre Cometh. IoT and Smarthome Implications Of Ultra High Speed Internet For Indian Households.

23/12/18 - Gandhinagar JioGigaFibre Installation
In New Gandhinagar (Gandhinagar, Gujarat) a residential building was receiving JioGigaFibre installation on 23/12/2018. Further enquiries reveal all buildings in Sargasan and Kudasan area of New Gandhinagar are receiving JioGigaFibre installations.

Arrival of JioGigaFibre marks a watershed moment for Indian households and small businesses. It heralds dawn of IoT and smart home product and services for Indian consumers.

Internet of Things (IoT) involves connecting any electronic or mechanical device (or object) to internet that traditionally does not connect to internet. Philosophically IoT aims to allow objects and devices to process and communicate information, data and knowledge in order to improve its usefulness for the user.

A smart home system aims to automate the control household devices such as lighting, heating, cooling, climate, microphones, speakers and appliances.

As JioGigaFibre starts internet service provision using Fibre To The Home (FTTH) network it makes both IoT and smart home a reality for Indian households.

The progress in internet speed in India as a result of JioGigaFibre roll out also opens up a market of 1.3 billion consumers and potentially more users and devices to the international IoT and smart home technology suppliers and producers.|6|With unparalleled market width, length and depth India will be a lucrative target for codeconomy (QR code economy), blockchain, IoT and smart home technology businesses once their technology starts to mature in developed nations.


  1. Yes I knew about Smart-home Implications Of Ultra High Speed Internet For Indian Households, Because My one client from India is using this and sharing for his small village. and he said that's a really cheap and easy for them who need cheap packages...
    Cell Beat

    1. Thank you for leaving that positive comment/note Julia.

      I am very passionate about empowerment of people engaged in agriculture and dairy farming in India. Internet will be so much helpful to these people in; 1) supply chain management, 2) finding competitive prices from buyers for yields, 3) getting up to date knowledge about fertilizers and pesticides in Hindi and regional languages.

      I agree with you in the sense that internet will be a blessing in regional (village) areas too.


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