Recommendation to Youtube to allow auto publish Linkedin user videos

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After releasing Linkedin native video functionality in July 2017 the feature has received immense popularity on LinkedIn. The feature is used by users for personal branding as well as business to business lead generation.

Linkedin already has a feature where Linkedin allows Linkedin users to share the user’s Linkedin post on the user’s Twitter account connected with Linkedin. If Linkedin can provide a feature to share the user’s video on Youtube as well it would be beneficial to both Linkedin users and Youtube.

Benefits for Linkedin Users:
At the time of writing this article Youtube is number 2 in the most visited websites’ list.¹ It is very likely a business or a person trying to brand or position themselves in a predefined manner can achieve so by uploading relevant videos and multimedia content as the chances are their audience would be Youtube user. Jeff Previte outlines another benefit that Youtube videos are included in Google’s search results due to Google Universal Search.²

Benefits for Youtube platform:

Youtube will have more professional and business videos by allowing Linkedin to let Linkedin users upload professional and business videos on Youtube.


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