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‘Icon Torch Flashlight’ Android application – an example of altruism worth making a note of

Wikipedia has two separate articles on the subject Altruism; the first article is titled 'Altruism'¹ and the second is titled 'Altruism (Ethics)' ². At the time of writing this post the first sentence in Wikipedia article about Altruism states “Altruism is the principle and moral practice of concern for happiness of other human beings, resulting in a quality of life both material and spiritual.” ¹ In a capitalist competitive society, generally speaking, it is not common for people to act with an unselfish regard to others.

However in the fraternity of computer programmers (includes; software engineers, app developers, and coders) altruism is a common practice. They contribute immense amount of technology and intellectual property to society in the form of open source software, computer programs, and smartphone applications. In a blog post on Jeremy Kahn says “I see open source as a civic duty, a moral obligation to the rest of the world.” ³

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Scrum knowledge may be helpful to non-technical individuals entering internet or software based startup space.

Scrum is a software and product development framework. This article will focus on the application of scrum to software development. Scrum framework enables teams of 3 to 9 developers to work on the development of the software as a whole instead of adopting traditional sequential software development approach. At the beginning of the project a Backlog is created. The backlog serves as a master tasks list that need to be accomplished for the completion of the project. The Backlog is dynamic document that changes as the customer requirement changes. Tasks from the backlog are broken in to actions that are completed in a certain time limit called sprints (usually two weeks).

Entrepreneurs without any technical backgrounds starting an internet or a software based startup are often advised to get Scrum certification. If entrepreneurs do not have time to work through scrum certification, then Hirotaka Takeuchi and Ikujiro Nonaka’s 1986 Harvard Business Review article titled ‘The New New Produ…