Www.ReverseAustralia.com is boosting its competitor www.TrueCaller.com's web traffic by blocking country specific traffic

It is a common practice among cellular services subscribers to Google search the incoming number before answering if the subscriber has an active international roaming. When an Australian phone number is Google searched, and if Reverse Australia (www.ReverseAustralia.com) has a web page with information on that number, then the Reverse Australia’s webpage shows up in few of the top results on Google.
When Reverse Australia’s website is accessed from India it doesn’t provide the phone number information and instead gives the notice to user;

“Uh-oh mate, you have no permission to do that
Due to abuse, your country is currently blocked from using our service”

It is easy for the Reverse Australia users (trying to access the website from a country censored by Reverse Australia) to circumvent the censorship using VPN but what is easier is to retrieve the similar information from www.TrueCaller.com website. It only requires Google or Microsoft account to instantly access the reverse lookup the caller records on True Caller.

In the age of internet when success of an internet or web based service is determined by web traffic and active users, Reverse Australia is losing out on web traffic to True Caller due to its discriminatory country specific censorship policy.


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