21 Cryptos Magazine Review:

Burgeoning cryptographic currency investment and trading market has opened avenues for lots of supporting activities, and the cryptographic currency centric journalism is one such activity that seems to be maturing as a part of mainstream financial journalism.

‘21 Cryptos’ is a relatively new magazine published by United Kingdom based 21 Cryptos website, it comes in an online version in a PDF format and costs USD$10.00 at the time of writing. One of the peculiarities I notices with the magazine is the writers are credited with their twitter handles. Readers have to rely on perusal of writers’ twitter timeline to gauge their journalistic, analytical, critical thinking, and problem solving abilities.

The ‘main feature’ and ‘Joe’s ICOs this month’ sections of the magazine are impressive and the following two paragraphs shade more light on the aspects that make these sections impressive.

‘Main feature’ of the magazine analyses a range of crypto tokens, and presents info-graphic list in a countdown order for 21 of those tokens that will be trending (trending doesn’t mean buy/sell/investment recommendation though) in next month. The analysts at 21 Cryptos analyse a range of factors to determine a token’s trending potential including;

1.      technical analysis,

2.      financial analysis,

3.      potential growth probabilities,

4.      upcoming events, and

5.      public opinion.

‘Joe’s ICOs this month’ column recommends (doesn’t clearly state ‘recommends to invest’, probably Crypto 21 doesn’t have a financial services or financial advice license) the ICOs of the month. The column provides analysis of the recommended ICO(s) that can most effectively described as Porter’s five factor analysis. This column may become more useful to reader if it further includes;

1.      list of all the ICOs it has analysed along with tokens’ strengths and weaknesses, and

2.      comparative study (in a table format) of the ICOs taking place in the month

As the magazine says it does lots of leg work in terms of analysis for crypto tokens which have potential to trend in short term, it could be useful to a crypto currency traders or investors (whether a beginner, or an expert, or somewhere in-between) who wants to cut down the time in research. Just a word of caution while relying on 21 Cryptos magazine, as mentioned earlier all the journalists and analysts featured in Crypto 21 are credited to the article with their Twitter handle, and it somewhat hinders the readers’ ability to determine the writers’ credibility.



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